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Related article: Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 16:42:02 -0700 From: dude sweet Subject: After School Park BoysAfter school used to be a lot of fun. I would get to hang in the park with my friends until 5:00, then had to go home and do homework, eating and chores. But in the middle of my 7th grade year, it came to an end. Because I sucked in math, I had to go to math tutoring everyday after school. Every. Fucking. Day. I don't think I deserved THAT much punishment; but parents don't really care.So month after month, I missed out on all the after school messing around. Finally, right after spring break, my math skills were deemed good enough and I was freed from the torment.But things were different. When I got to the park where we always used to hang out, the guys weren't there. I wandered around (it's a pretty big place) until I found them."Hey," I said."Jesus, Tommy, where the hell you been." Jackson knew where I'd been; they all knew it."I've been in prison." Well, it was close to the truth. "Now, I'm free.""So you want to hang with us?" Sean asked."Well duh. We all used to hang out. Right?""Yeah right. But things are different now.""Different?" I look around. Looks like the same guys as always."Yeah, different.""What do you mean?""You want to hang with us?""Of course. We always hang.""We always USED to hang.""Ok, yeah, well I want to hang again.""Ok. You sure?""Yeah?""Ok. Pull out your dick.""What the fuck are you talking about?" Pull out my dick?"Yeah. We do dares now. You been dared. You got to do it. Then you get to dare someone else.""I got to pull out my dick?" Are they serious?"You been dared." They all wait expectantly.Well I though they might be punking me, but I didn't really care. If they wanted to see my dick, I didn't care. I mean I had some decent hair now and I don't think any of them knew it yet. I kind of wanted to show it off."Where?" I ask, looking around."Right here." They all gather close, both to block so nobody else can see, plus I guess so they could see. I open my belt, unsnap and unzip my pants. Then I pull them down along with my boxers in the front, exposing not only my dick, but my new crop of hair.It was kind of fun. I think it was the first time my dick had ever seen the outside world.They seem satisfied so I put it away."Now you get to dare," explains Sean."Ok, I dare Jackson to show his dick."Quickly he pulls his dick out. It's a boner. He's got a hard on! None of the other guys seemed shocked, so I guess it was cool. I thought it was very cool to see a Lolita Top Bbs boner.He puts it away. "You have to get it hard and show us." Me, he's talking to me. I have to do another dare? Well it's already almost hard. I reach my hand inside my pants and give it a couple of good squeezes to get it hard. Then I simply flop it out."Excellent." "Good one." "Nice wood." I like showing it off.I put it away. "OK, I dare..." I look around..."Sean to show his boner."Sean puts his hand and plays with his dick for a few minutes. Then finally pulls his pants open and pulls it out.After letting us look for a second, he puts it away. "Ok, now YOU have to jack it. All the way." Shit! Is he serious? I look around. The other guys are acting like this is normal."I don't know," I say."Jesus, we've all done it. Just do it."I look around again. "Ok, get close so nobody can see." They crown in. I open my pants and my boner is almost touching Sammy who is across from me."So do it already," says Sean. What else could I do? I gently stroke my boner. I'm super horny from showing my friends, or being outside. In just a few seconds, I get hyper and stoke it as fast as I can. In less than a minute, I shoot. Shit, I shoot it into Sammy. The guys all bust up and Sammy is pissed Lolita Top Bbs off.He heads off to the bathroom. I put it away without cleaning up. That felt good."I dare Sean to do it.""Do what?""Jack off.""No problem." He walks away into some tall bushes. The guys follow. He takes off his shirt and lays it on the ground. He pulls his pants and boxers below his knees and sits on his shirt. Then he lays back and goes for it. He's practically naked. I get hard again watching him.He jacks. While he's jacking Ralph pulls his out and jacks off too. He wasn't dared or anything; just horny I guess. I'm horny again. I had never seen anyone jack off before. In fact, These were the first boners I had ever seen.I was so glad to be done with math and on to the really important things in life; like jacking off with friends.
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